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Meet Lyndsay Brooke, MS, RYT-200

Certified Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm Lyndsay Brooke and I'm a yoga teacher and holistic nutrition practitioner who was born in the midwest and currently lives in Salt Lake City by way of Ohio, NYC, Hawaii, San Francisco, St. Croix, USVI, Seattle, and Denver.


My love for yoga started over 20 years ago and made its way into my life full force after moving to Hawaii, which would forever change my life. Finding health through movement, breathwork, and meditation led me to develop a deeper desire to support my wellness through food and nature, and well, here we are.


I believe the path to wellness is unique to each and every one of us and doesn't need to look like organic kale smoothies and trendy workout attire.

I work with others to realize their own capabilities to support health and wellness by recognizing their values, letting go of limiting beliefs, and connecting to what's most important to them.



Education & Qualifications:


-Master's in Holistic Nutrition

-300-hour Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Certification

-200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification

-200-hour Yoga Teacher Mentor Certification

-Teen Yoga Certification

-Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification 

Online booking coming soon.

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