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Virtual Weekly Classes on Yoga Collective with Recordings

If you can't attend live, you can still get the recording!


Stay tuned for monthly or quarterly pop-up classes as well.

Monday 6-7pm PST

Slow Flow

It is a slower-paced Hatha flow practice that links movement with breath. This class is suitable for all bodies as modifications are included. Props are encouraged and classes may include restorative poses, pranayama, and meditation.

Thursday 9-10am PST

Hatha Flow

This well balanced practice is designed to align and calm the body, mind and spirit. It is a moderate-paced practice that links movement with breath. Hatha is the yoga of balance, of yin and yang, sun and moon. It is a caring, witnessing practice of being in balance in the midst of life.


One-on-One Sessions

Are you new to yoga and not sure how to begin? Have you been wanting to take a class but are nervous about group sessions, especially on Zoom? Have an injury or health concern that prevents you from practicing?


A one-on-one session with me might be just what you're looking for. This is where we get to work together to create a safe and supportive practice that addresses your individual needs.

I offer 60 and 90-minute sessions. Please reach out to discuss availability and pricing.

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