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MIYO Bowls

I don’t know about you, but for me, eating out of a bowl feels so nourishing and satisfying. It’s the perfect vessel to add all of your ingredients and sauces and makes eating easier, in my opinion. Just me?

Anyway, these Make It Your Own bowls can be super easy to make, especially with a little bit of prep. You can pre-make a large batch of one or two different types of grains for the week and either pre-wash and chop veggies or buy pre-cut frozen veggies. These bowls can also be a great way to use up leftovers - I have added some pretty interesting combinations of leftovers into one bowl which ended up being really good!

No matter what combination I put together, I always make sure to include a whole grain as the base. Why whole grains? And aren’t carbs bad for you? Not necessarily. Carbohydrates are what give us energy. Who doesn’t want more of that? But seriously, we need carbs to function. Also, a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies show that whole grains help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Whole grains also offer plenty of fiber which helps us have regular bowel movements and supports gut health.

So, what do you need for this recipe? Well, whatever you’ve got! This is your time to get creative with your food. Below are some guidelines and suggestions that you can pull from each category, but as the name of this dish goes, Make It Your Own!

Whole Grains: brown rice, amaranth, farro, bulgar, millet, bulgar, wheat berry, quinoa

Greens: sauteed kale, spinach, arugula, swiss chard, collard greens

Veggies: try for winter veggies that are in season right now - beets, carrots, potatoes, brussels sprouts, cabbage, winter squash, sweet potatoes, onions - opt for cooked over raw as this will help with digestion, which can be slower during the colder months (other veggies to add during the year could be peas, green beans, mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, and broccoli)

Toppings: seeds, nuts, avocado, tempeh, tofu, beans, sauerkraut, nutritional yeast

Sauces: salsa, pesto, hummus, tahini, “cheese” sauce (from my mac and cheese recipe!!)

I love recipes that don’t feel super rigid and this one is just so easy to whip together depending on my taste preference and what I have on hand. This can be a fun way to try new whole grains and veggies that you wouldn’t normally eat. Let me know if you come up with any good combinations!

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